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Willow Brook Studios Acting Academy is the direct result of the actors and actresses who have studied here. We value our student's input as each and every actor has contributed to our studio in some unique way. We thrive on the contributions by all of our students (both current and past) as they ensure that our studio will expand and evolve in a direction that best suits both our present and future students. WBS takes great pride in our actors and the work they have accomplished. Congratulations to all! We couldn't be prouder.

Elizabeth Sandy


"Willow Brook Studios helped arm me with the tools I need to access a range of characters and emotions in an instant. Having characters and physical triggers in my "back pocket" has proved incredibly helpful during auditions where anything can be asked of you as an actor. By working with William James' "Flow" worksheet I have found a simple, tangible and effective way of 'living' when I act as opposed to just 'acting.'"

Jennifer Cozza James


"Were it not for the inspired and ingenious work of William James, I simply would not have a successful acting career.

I have studied this performing art for over twenty years, and never has anyone come close to level of understanding and mastery that William James has. Walking in the incredible footsteps of great coaches in all fields who help refine and develop their respective talents, William has vigilantly and artistically articulated, and created the ways and means of mastering an often elusive art form. You want to learn to do the magical work that The Greats do? This is your coach.

When someone truly has a genuine understanding of what they coach, the magnificence of what is possible is vast indeed. William James is to acting as Phil Jackson is to basketball. Who’s your coach?"

Mark Magid


"Willow Brook Studios has been an eye-opener to what acting is... what it takes and what I was trying to accomplish.

Coming from a comedic background, I was not used to having a Path to follow. I amused people but I wasn't going to make a career out of what I was doing. William broke my game down and built me up again (like breaking out of a bad golf swing and starting all over). It was one of the most challenging things I have ever faced and the techniques shared at Willow Brook Studios does take time to embody. Once you do though, the art can begin to really flow and you can begin to see how much you can play.

I have loved my time at Willow Brook Studios and intend to be a part of the every growing family of the Studio."

Cindy Benson


"I'm getting called back on 99% of the auditions I go out on and I owe it all to William James’ approach to dissecting a script. I finally feel like I have the tools to get the job done! This technique allows me to take a script and make it come to life in a matter of minutes. This is exactly what I need for cold reading auditions.

Thanks to this class I booked the First National Tour of BILLY ELLIOT!

"Cindy Benson brings an incredibly welcome humour to the role of Grandma, finding every laugh in the role and filling it with a deliciously wicked twinkle in her eye."
     Richard Ouzounian Theatre Critic -

"A Comic Gem... A Show Stopper" Wayman Wong - NY DAILY NEWS

"Benson is devastating singing a torch song, turning it into an aching heartbreaker." Bob Harrington - NY POST

Justin Patrick


"William James is a visionary in my eyes. I have been studying with him for just over a year now and I feel as if I already attained a lifetime's worth of knowledge. His process is incredibly innovative, taking each beautifully complex moment and breaking it down into several simple thoughts and actions that we unknowingly do everyday. Each of these things is a tool and at WBS you learn which combination of tools to use to create a desired effect. William's methods work. Within a year I have acquired a manager and booked a Guest Staring role on the popular web series "TeleviSean".

Every student in William's Master Class knows these methods work and their appreciation of his work is a testament to the intelligence and dedication of these actors. The class is very much like a family and I am quite privileged to be a part of it"

Danielle Gatto


"When I started with William and Willow Brook Studios, it was one of the best choices I ever made. I have learned so much about myself as an artist. Not only have I been Taft Hartley for the TV show "Awkward", but just filmed a pilot for Comedy Central and joined the union.

Aside from William himself, the Willow Brook Studios he has created is a full fledged studio with everything an actor would need to succeed in the business. From great stock monologues and scenes, to demo reels, headshots and websites built for you. We also film shorts and are in the process of filming our first feature! Willow Brook Studios is more than just a place where you 'learn how to act!', it is safe place that preps you for this crazy business that we love!"

Kimberly Lund


"I am truly enjoying the weekly on camera work, the monologue and scene studies, plus the many audition techniques required to book jobs."

Mike Valley


"Willow Brook Studios has put me in the best position for me as an actor. The technique that William teaches is the most incredible system for acting that I have ever studied. Everything about it "WOWS" me and completely makes sense for the level I want to achieve in my craft and my career. William also helps us in the business portion of our careers- with headshots, filming reels, websites and advice on business people. William is not only an incredible acting coach, but he is also a great person who is willing to go out of his way to see you move forward.

Willow Brook Studios is all I could want in a studio. Every student in our class also acts in unity and is like a big family. I am excited to see where WBS goes next with all of our careers."

Joshua Kovalscik


"To be the best, you have to train with the best. William James is at the top of his game and he's only just begun with me. Do yourself and your career a favor and take 5 minutes to find out what's really going on at Willow Brook Studios!"

Joy D'Albora


"Working with William built for me the foundation of doing great art. Through discipline, attention and structure, I developed a solid way of working that is now free, reliable and translatable. I have the confidence that I can take any material and create a real life out of it. I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish at Willow Brook Studios and believe it has been crucial to my path as an actress."

Wil Ahern


"William's approach to acting is so different than other teachers. He doesn't go to scene study... instead he goes to the core of you. To open and discover all your intentions, substitutions and experiences to create a real living, breathing character who lives in a real place.

His training is one on one in a small class setting, usually less than 10 students. This allows for immediate direct feedback and improvement. And almost all classes are on tape. If you can not learn acting from William quickly, then you can't learn "it". His approach is simple and beautiful."

Tannon Simcox


"The "Who, When, Where, Why and What" are all choices that one can make on their own. The "How"? Now that's when William comes in. If you have the desire and courage to learn and the perserverence to practice, then give him a call... He's an actor's Ghostbuster! "

Dylan Anderson


"Before I stepped into Willow Brook Studios, acting was just a calling. I called myself an actor, but I didn't have a foundation to base that off. After trying various acting classes and workshops around town, I gained a good understanding of what the industry is looking for, but never received any structure on how to study the craft, practice the craft and understand artistically what it means to act. At WBS I have learned all that and more. I cannot be more grateful for their services. Before WBS, I was an aspiring actor. Willow Brook Studios and William James has helped me become an artist."

Rachel Patrick


"William's class has completely changed my life. His class has not only taught me a lot about acting but so much about myself. His unique technique of "pure doing" and finding the "how" makes it possible to do top level work under any circumstance. Whether it is in an audition or on a professional set. You will never get stuck in an actor bubble or be unprepared for any situation. His technique gets you ready for anything a director, casting director, producer might throw at you.

He gives you the tools and abilities to be the best actor you can be. This class is unlike any you will find in LA and in my opinion his method should be taught EVERYWHERE in LA. He has a great understanding of the craft of acting. He can take any actor experienced or not and get them to where they need to be to work professionally.

I recommend this class to anyone who is ready to make a name for themselves in the industry!"

†Disclaimer: Willow Brook Studios, Inc., including all of its contracted or hired employees and personnel, does not guarantee the procurement of work, casting, production, funding of projects, sale of written or produced projects and/or content. Willow Brook Studios, Inc., reserves the right to deny or revoke admittance to our academy at any time.