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We endeavor to provide the very best consultation and opportunity for
new writers looking to establish themselves in Hollywood. Whether
living in Los Angeles, or calling another state or country home, WBS
Literary was created with the sole purpose of preparing and promoting
talented writers from around the globe.

If you want to write the next great screenplay, an indie film or a web series
that you hope will gain notoriety, our writer’s resources can help to get your project off the ground. In our safe and secure environment, you can submit your content to our talented group of writing evaluators for consideration. If we believe your screenplay or idea has what it takes, we may be able to work together to get your project produced. Through this process, we hope to discover and nurture dynamic projects and promising new writers.

Of course, your writing projects will be kept strictly confidential with our WBS Confidentiality Agreement. To view and/or print this agreement, simply click on the PDF button below.

Upon receipt, we will evaluate your project’s writing quality, marketability and production potential. You will receive:

          • A thoughtful, considerate and honest evaluation of your project
          • Possible suggestions for improving the project
          • The potential opportunity to have your project represented by the Willow Brook Studios /
               Robb Entertainment Group team, developed and taken out into the marketplace.
          • Ideas for what may come next and or a game plan for going forward with the project

†Disclaimer: Willow Brook Studios, Inc., including all of its contracted or hired employees and personnel, does not guarantee the procurement of work, casting, production, funding of projects, sale of written or produced projects and/or content. Willow Brook Studios, Inc., reserves the right to deny or revoke admittance to our academy at any time.