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Read what one of LA's top Talent Manager has to say about William and the WBS Acting Academy.

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I believe that one of the most important components in determining an actor’s success is order of operations. Conversely, one of the biggest mistakes I see young actors make is putting the cart before the horse. What I mean by order of operations is a specific and well thought out game plan for when to take classes, get head shots, shoot demo reel, showcase for casting, etc.
A young actor is far more likely to save a ton of time, money and heartache by entering the marketplace both at the right time and with well-crafted tools—when a plan of this type is organized and implemented.
“I'm an actor who believes we all have triggers to any stage of emotion. It's not always easy to find, but it's still there.”
                                                                                ~ Hugh Jackman
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Given the ever-changing needs of both our students and the industry, we are excited to introduce the updated acting academy class structure for 2017.

Our Master Class will be oriented much more towards creating opportunities and the ‘business of the business.’ A portion of each class will be specifically devoted to the growing of each artist’s career!

Commencing in March, we will be implementing a three-day class structure:
Classes will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7-11

Monday night is the Master Class; made up of artists that both understand the WBS Acting Process (and tools) and are building their professional career.

Tuesday is a newly added option; the WBS Skill-building Class. On this evening, newer students will learn our process and apply it to scenes and monologues to gain competency of their craft.

Wednesday is the WBS Audition Technique and Mastery Class. Open to all current WBS students, this class will focus on all types of audition material and preparation scenarios. The goal of this class is to prepare our artists for real-world audition situations... and book the job!

Every week, students will be able to visit our website and download the script(s) we will be preparing and filming in that week’s class. Open to all current WBS students, the audition technique class is not mandatory... it is an opportunity.

We are excited to begin working with a new group of talented artists. If you believe that you, or someone you know, is a good fit for our studios, we offer a free, no-obligation, consultation through which you can explore our studios and determine if we are a good match for you.

We are thrilled with the progress Jennifer Cozza James is making on her indie feature film leading role, “Quinn". The production is going very well and Jennifer is enjoying Drew Cinclair’s (the film’s director) creative shooting style.

                   Ms. James and WBS’ Head Acting Coach William James working together on Quinn.

We want to congratulate and send a shout out to Willow Brook Studios alum Theo Breaux. According to a Facebook post, he short film he starred in, “Criminales” is in post production. William James thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Theo on his preparation for both the audition and shoot. We hope to see it soon!


Willow Brook Studios is proud to announce our new headshot division. Open to both Willow Brook Studios artists and all actors and industry professionals, our goal is to create a unique gallery of head shots for each of our clients that tells the world who you are as both an artist and person. Please check out William James Photography websiteand session details.

“The mission on any shoot is to activate the artist’s thinking and then capture those thoughts, ideas, images and feelings that effortlessly transmit themselves to the viewer. The result is an artistic depth that allows the audience to “know” the artist through the headshot.” ~William James



And... a very special thank you to artist/creator Dan Kubat for his amazing storyboard work on one of our upcoming projects. Thanks Dano!

†Disclaimer: Willow Brook Studios, Inc., including all of its contracted or hired employees and personnel, does not guarantee the procurement of work, casting, production, funding of projects, sale of written or produced projects and/or content. Willow Brook Studios, Inc., reserves the right to deny or revoke admittance to our academy at any time.