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What are the techniques used in your acting classes?

We utilize a 5-part process called our “Skill Path.” This process is designed to infuse students with important skill-sets and good acting habits, while at the same time, guiding them to solving the scene or monologue. The key to our process: if the Skill Path is executed well, performance evolves out of the practice. Over time this process can be adjusted by our students to meet their individual needs.

Why is it different?

Our process focuses on building the right habits into the acting instrument. Much like the training a top athlete or musician might receive, we de-emphasize performance and place a great deal of emphasis, especially early on, on forming precise habits. Performance is stressed later in the process once good habits have been formed.

How long has Willow Brook Studios been in business?

Willow Brook Studios has been operating successfully in Los Angeles since 2004. William James, our Head Acting Coach, has been instructing actors for over 15 years. Our qualified staff has over 50 years combined experience in the entertainment industry.

What do I get as an acting student of the Academy? What does my tuition cover?

Your tuition covers one session per week with your coach and unlimited phone and email consultations. The sessions run between 2-4 hours depending on whether you are working privately, in a small group, or are in Master Class. Additionally, you will often be on camera in your weekly sessions.

Will I be doing a lot of exercises or work in class?

You will always be in the process of working on a scene or monologue by taking it through the Skill Path. All the practice you do in class will be the specific things you want to happen in the end. We have one exercise that we do often. Specifically designed to be a morphing and multi-layered training tool, our single exercise accomplishes many things critical to being a professional actor.

How many times a week are acting classes? Why?

Acting classes are held once a week. If you are at a stage in the Pathway where you are working privately, you will meet with your coach once a week.

The amount of information and practice processes that are communicated to our actors and actresses is vast. One session per week is all our students are capable of absorbing. We want to avoid any sort of “information overload.” Additionally, our students are given plenty to do to prepare for the following week’s class.

Why are you called a ‘coach’ and not ‘teacher’?

Our students train in a way that is much like a professional musician, athlete or martial artist. To appropriately honor and adapt to our students individual instruments, we must be constantly assessing and adjusting, which we believe is best defined as “coaching.”

What are the typical acting class sizes? How many students are there in a class?

Our Master Class usually has 6-8 students. We will normally cap the Master Class at 8. Often the Master class will be broken into smaller groups of 2-4 students for varying periods of time to facilitate an accelerated or a different type of exploration.

Why so few students?

We want to create the very best actors who can have successful careers in acting. We do not believe this can happen in an over-loaded acting class.

Can I audit your class?

We do not allow class audits as they are detrimental to both the auditor and the class being audited. It would be impossible for an auditor to make an informed decision about our academy by sitting in on a class. Our process simply does not work that way. However, our academy application process and trial period includes all steps and information necessary for a prospective student to make a well-informed decision.

How often do you get to work in acting class?

You will work in every class…most likely multiple times. In our opinion, sitting in a class and watching others work yields little.

Do I choose material for class or is it given to me?

That depends on what part of our process you are in and what your needs are. There is no real rule here.

Who assigns scenes? Can I choose my own?

You may choose your own or your coach may suggest a scene or monologue to help you accomplish or overcome a specific acting technique issue. Normally this decision is between you and your coach.

What are expectations for rehearsal?

That you work with diligence and integrity.

What is the duration of a typical WBS acting class?

3-4 hours.

What happens if I get acting work or can't come to class for some reason?

We have varying fair and reasonable ways of dealing with this depending on the situation. You can be assured that you will not be penalized for booking a job.

Does Willow Brook Studios Acting Academy offer any special classes related to cold readings or auditions?

Cold-reading and audition technique, including commercial auditioning, is woven into the Skill Path. It is a natural part of our overall process.

Do you teach improv? I've been told improv is important.

Improv technique is woven into the Skill Path as a part of the preparation process. It is one of the ways we practice. We do not teach improv performance although all of our students are prepared to do that type of work if needed.

What about the whole aspect of "film acting" versus "stage acting"? Which do you teach?

We teach that the creating of real humanity leads to the evolution of believable characters that the audience will want to join. Our processes are applicable to all types of acting.

Are you able to take other classes outside your studio once I am enrolled?

You may, but probably won’t want to.

How long is the expected course of study?

That really depends on the diligence, intelligence and integrity of the student. Most of our students evolve into the professional levels within a year.

Do you do any video recording in the classes? Do you make demo reels for students?

We do a lot of on-camera work in class. If a student in our packaging or professional level does a scene or monologue that appears to be good demo reel material, we will produce it as part of our student’s professional packaging. Filming is included in the class tuition. We do provide professional level editing services at a very reasonable additional cost.

Do you do any industry showcases?

Our focus is to get you ready for the professional industry! There are many good companies out there who provide this service.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we have PayPal merchant services set up for our students' convenience.

Will I get an agent or manager out of class?

We make no guarantees. However, we will do everything in our power to create successful careers in acting.

When enrolled, do I automatically get a demo reel or website included in my tuition?

Professional demo-reel editing and website design and building are in-house services we offer at extremely reasonable prices.

Are you an accredited Acting Academy?

No. The Willow Brook Studios Acting Academy is built on the highest standards of integrity and honesty. We have chosen to remain independent of any governing bodies so as to maintain the purity of our message and the flexibility of our practices. Our sole mission is to create professional actors who can enter the industry and have successful careers in acting. We are looking for students who understand what we are trying to accomplish, how we are striving to accomplish it, and want to join us in this endeavor. Nobody can guarantee an acting career and nobody can state that their methodology is right. All that we can guarantee is that we will do our very best!

†Disclaimer: Willow Brook Studios, Inc., including all of its contracted or hired employees and personnel, does not guarantee the procurement of work, casting, production, funding of projects, sale of written or produced projects and/or content. Willow Brook Studios, Inc., reserves the right to deny or revoke admittance to our academy at any time.