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Kristi Poray-Brestig

Jennifer Cozza James

“Michael’s intuitive understanding of film and television adds essential and superior finesse to his demo reel editing. His particular attention to detail and desire to serve the artist in his/her best light is immeasurably valuable. Clearly an artist himself, Michael works with his clients to find the best way to showcase and feature their individual artistic authenticity. Highly recommended!!!”    Jennifer Cozza James

Jon Gormley

“Michael has done my reel twice for me, and the results have been great. I just bypassed an audition and callback right into a roll for a television pilot based on the clip I submitted. What's great about the work he does, is not only does he realize the mechanics of making a reel and what a casting director looks for, but as an actor himself, he has a keen eye for moments in a scene that really showcase talent. I recommend him to all of my peers and will continue to consider him a business partner in my own career. Thanks for everything Michael!”    Jon Gormley

Danielle Gatto

“I am a SAG Actress in the business and have had a few reels made for me in the past, but never really felt like my personality and best work was being showcased. I met with Michael and brought him all of my footage old, new, web stuff, independent films, ect. He took the time to get to know me and asked me about myself and what I wanted my reel to represent. He looked over all my footage I brought and gave me his opinions on them and different cuts he liked. With Michael being in the business for so long and an Actor as well, he was able to open my eyes to see some great moments I may have missed in my work. After some great collaboration we were able to make some amazing cuts and have a wonderful reel. Not only did I walk away with my standard 2 an1/2 min long reel, he also gave me little 15 seconds clips of each individual scene so I could put the clips up online on Actors Access. It was all such a great experience and was ready so quick. Michael is the type of person that really is looking out for the best interest in you and your craft and will only do his best to make sure that it shows. ”     Danielle Gatto

Nafisa Ford

“Michael Mapél is the epitomy of professional. I recently had to have reel footage done for my agent on a moments notice and Michael worked, beautifully I might add, to get this completed. Not only did he have to work with several personalities, namely my agent and my manager, but the finished product was wonderful. He turned it over in less than 24 hours and gave me insight in terms of editing, also. Thanks, Michael. I couldn't have asked for a better person to do the editing for me.”     Nafisa Ford

Eddie Pratt

“Michael did an outstanding job of preparing my reel and his advice was very valuable. He took me from a load of tapes to a professional quality reel that I am proud to show. Thank you! I will certainly use you in the future.”      Eddie Pratt

Jocelyn Barker

“My reel was better than I ever expected. Michael listened to absolutely everything that I wanted and gave me great advice on how to make my reel stand out. I was really proud of the finished piece and it gave a great overview of the work I have done. I would recommend him to anyone.”    Jocelyn Barker

Matt Hucke

“It was very good working with Michael, because he really wants to reach a common goal, at the same time being very result driven. He works to get you what you want. ”    Matt Hucke

Lily Kravets

“Michael is unbelievable! He really brings out the best in your work. I have received so many great compliments, as well as auditions, based on my demo reel. Michael truly loves what he does and it shows in his reels. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who needs their demo reel done.”    Lily Kravets

Vanessa Herrera

“Working with Michael was effortless. He was honest with me and always got me in the right light. I've already been cast twice in projects based on my demo.”    Vanessa Herrera

Clark Long

“I can honesty say, I felt at ease, and very comfortable working with Michael on my demo reel. He knew exactly where I wanted to go with it. He was very patient and willing to offer his own personal touch to make it great. My reel is excellent and I am extremely proud of it. Not to mention, I have received much work from it. Thanks Michael for all your help.”    Clark Mitchell Long

Krista Melbardis

“As an actor/artist I have realized how important it is in this day in age to have a reel that stands out amongst the crowd. Michael Mapél exceeded all my expectations throughout the process in creating my perfect electronic package. He understands the importance of creative individuality, timeliness, and cost. Michael has a eye for clearly depicting each actor's own unique gifts and talent, and is a pleasure to work with. You will be left with a tool that will make you proud and... GET YOU IN THE ROOM!”    Krista Melbardis

Cher Ferrerya

“Michael worked with me and my manager to make sure we were both happy. And it paid off. Since getting my reel done with him, I have been auditioning like crazy. He is so easy going, friendly and fun that at times I almost forgot why I was there. Thank you Michael for making me AND my manager so happy! ”    Cher Ferrerya

Rachel Patrick

“I am so happy I went with WBS and had Michael do my reel. He took the time to make sure I got a great reel, one that would work for ME. Michael really does care about making your reel the best it can be. I will definitley be back! Thank you , Michael”    Rachel Patrick

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