"Point of Control"
Our Latest Prod.
"Willow Brook Meadows"
"December's Lament"
Kristi Poray-Brestig

Christmas At County (Trailer)
A Willow Brook Studios Production

Twas holiday eve, and in our small town a saddened cop sits, wearing a frown. As pay for mistakes he made on the job, his charge was to monitor the Christmas Eve mob...

Mind Ops (Trailer)
A Willow Brook Studios Production

"She was a normal teenager, until..."

Dishin' It Up (Trailer)
A Wonky Girl Production

Dishin' It Up is a fun, funny and informative cooking show with famous celebrities who share recipes with host and comedian Erin Foley.

Camp Scout Girls (Trailer)
A PEP Production

A man finds out the truth behind the Camp Scout Girls organization and now he's on the run for his life.

La Cocina (Sizzle Reel)
A Cinetopia Studios Production

A competition reality show for teenagers. 12 students compete for a scholarship to a famous culinary institute. Every week they are trained by world renowned Chef Alberto Vasquez and every week one student is eliminated until the winner is revealed.

Leonardo da Vinci Project (Sizzle Reel)
A Robb Entertainment Production

The life, loves, dreams and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

WBS Editing Demo Reel (Original)
Willow Brook Studios

Our first demo reel advertising our editing services. Although we still offer all features, we have slimmed down our representation - (as seen on our Editing Homepage)

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