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In today’s entertainment industry, a great demo reel plays a key role
in starting your career. It is very difficult to be seen for an important role
without it! Young actors and actresses who want to make an impact and
get the audition must have a strong reel. Your reel is representing you
and what you can do as an artist, so it had better be good.

WBS Editing Services was created with one goal in mind; to provide
actors an affordable, professional and personalized demo reel that is
also creative, efficient and pleasurable.

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions:

What should I show in a demo reel?

You definitely want to show your best work and if you’re not happy with some of your work… keep it out.

Have your best work in the beginning and the second best at the end. Casting agents and executives watching your reel see hundreds a day, and they might not have time to see all of your work. They will, however, see your first scene; so make sure that's the one that counts.

If you choose to do your own reel, a likely senario is that you might work on it for a very long time. It can be challenging because you are seeing yourself through your own eyes, finding every flaw or hiccup. Your qualified editor becomes essential in this case by helping you sort through all your work with an objective eye. We might even see something you may have missed yourself.

How long should my demo reel be?

Even though you might have enough scenes to fill up 10 min., nobody wants to see a demo reel that long. Executives are usually on a time crunch and will either fast forward or stop after the first scene. A good reel length is about 2 min. Also your demo reel shouldn't be too slow. Make sure it has a good pace to it. It‘s always better for your reel to be quick and exciting than slow and boring.

What about music?

A big question that is always asked is should there be music or not? Most executives turn down the volume when watching reels if the music is off-putting. If you want music on your reel, WBS has over 100 different music selections to choose from. Or you can bring in your own music for a signature sound that is all your own. Music with no vocals is optimal because vocals tend to steal attention from your work.

What if I am not happy with the final result?

Once finished, your editor will sit with you and discuss your likes and dislikes, make changes and then you’ll take the reel to your agent or manager for their approval. Let’s face it; if your agent or manager likes your reel, they are more likely to send it (and you) out more often. WBS Editing Services strives to coordinate the editing process with you and your professional team.

How much does a great demo reel cost?

WBS Editing Services charges one fee for the job. It is our experience that the hourly-rate and add on services that many demo reel editing services charge add up very quickly! By working with a one fee pricing structure, we can take the time to understand your marketing concept and be creative and thorough. And the final result will be something that you are proud of. Check out our pricing packages on the next page and see which one is right for you.

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