"Point of Control"
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"Willow Brook Meadows"
"December's Lament"
Kristi Poray-Brestig
At Willow Brook Studios, we offer:

     • Private Preparatory Classes
     • Commercial and Theatrical Audition Classes
     • Master Classes (which includes a complete in-house package consisting of:)
          • Demo Reel Shoots
          • Demo Reel Editing
          • Website Design
          • Graphic Design – Business Cards
          • Headshot Consultation and Photography
          • Social Networking and Web Presence Consultation

and so much more! Acting as a career can be a truly magical path. The opportunity to work in dynamic settings with other artists and creative professionals, earning a great living, collaborating with other actors and being on a path to prosperity and self-discovery can be deeply satisfying.

Check this page often, as it will be continuously growing to offer more new and exciting additional services!

†Disclaimer: Willow Brook Studios, Inc., including all of its contracted or hired employees and personnel, does not guarantee the procurement of work, casting, production, funding of projects, sale of written or produced projects and/or content. Willow Brook Studios, Inc., reserves the right to deny or revoke admittance to our academy at any time.