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Actor Packaging Program

Our two-month intensive Actor Packaging Program includes the following:

Consultation and Support

-Once you have completed our program and are professionally packaged, we will transmit your materials to the agents and managers we believe are a good fit for you. While we cannot guarantee results, or that you will be signed with an agent or manager, we will do our best to find you an agent or manager that is a good match for your talents and experience.

Core Course of Study

Weeks 1-6

Acting Preparation

8 lessons in which the actor receives an overview of the skills necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry:

- Individual assessment of the actor’s artistic and professional needs
- Audition Technique
- Agent and Casting Director Meeting Strategies and Techniques
- Scene Preparation and Final Solve for Shooting/Production
- Headshot Preparation

It is critical that an actor enters the marketplace as a true professional. Our acting techniques and processes have been created specifically to prepare actors for what they will be encountering in the professional world.

Our private classes are taught with personally tailored direction and advice to accommodate your individual strengths. Most sessions will be videotaped so you can see your progress.

Week 7

3-4 Look Headshot Shoot

A headshot is more than a pretty picture. It is a marketing tool intelligently crafted to communicate those qualities about an actor that are generally consistent from role to role. Its purpose is to get the performer called in for those parts for which they are likely to be cast.

Your headshot is your chance to make a great first impression. A great headshot captures your personality, look and character. It must characterize and communicate who you are and what makes you different from the rest.

Week 8

Demo Reel Shoot & Edit

The Actor’s Close-up is one of our studios’ newest Actor Packaging Services. It is a mini-production designed to highlight the actor’s true essence.

Our Willow Brook Studios production team will write a minimum of two scenes*, and produce and shoot one (the scene of your choice) 30-45 second short that demonstrates your enormous talent and creates a clear and compelling branding effect for casting.

Our goal: In 30-45 seconds, casting directors will know exactly who you are and how to cast you.

*Scenes will be yours to use in workshops, showcases, auditions, etc.

Our Demo Reel Shoot and Edit includes:
          -Professional Reader/Scene Partner
          -Full Day of Shooting (if needed)
          -Color Correction
          -Personal File/Material Archive
          -Send/Upload Demo Reel

Packaging Pricing Fee

Consultation Fee:
Acting Lessons (8):
Headshot Preparation and Coaching:
Headshot Shoot (4-look):
Demo Reel Shoot and Edit:
Original Material Creation (2 Scenes):

Mention "WBS Special Actor's Packaging" and receive
A Special Discounted Price (over 40% savings)

Regular Price $250
Regular Price $600
Regular Price $100
Regular Price $350
Regular Price $400
Regular Price $200

Total Regular Price $1,900


Optional Services

(Discounted only with the above package)

Electronic Press Kit

Our Electronic Press Kit is designed to visually tell the story of you and your art. In todays marketplace you need your story to be told effectively and efficiently. You may only get a few valuable marketing seconds... make those seconds count.

Electronic Press Kit (1-page with 6 months hosting) - Regular Price $250          Discounted Price - $125

Website Design

A website should reflect your passions and desires as well as being a marketing tool for your career. We work with actors in person, one on one, to personalize your experience and your website. Isn’t it time the casting executives get to know the real you?

Custom Designed Website - Regular Price $350+          Discounted Price (with Actors Package) - $200
†Disclaimer: Willow Brook Studios, Inc., including all of its contracted or hired employees and personnel, does not guarantee the procurement of work, casting, production, funding of projects, sale of written or produced projects and/or content. Willow Brook Studios, Inc., reserves the right to deny or revoke admittance to our academy at any time.