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Kristi Poray-Brestig

I believe that one of the most important components in determining an actor’s success is order of operations. Conversely, one of the biggest mistakes I see young actors make is putting the cart before the horse. What I mean by order of operations is a specific and well thought out game plan for when to take classes, get head shots, shoot demo reel, showcase for casting, etc.

A young actor is far more likely to save a ton of time, money and heartache by entering the marketplace both at the right time and with well-crafted tools—when a plan of this type is organized and implemented.

Willow Brook Studios Acting Academy is an exclusive conservatory designed specifically for those who are 100% dedicated to developing a reliable and professional craft. Our mission is simple: to produce the very best actor possible and arm them with the tools that they need, to have successful careers in acting.

Our classes and resources are geared for both actors that have established careers, as well as those who are starting out on their path.

It has been our experience that students who diligently walk our Artistic and Career Pathways to fulfillment, become competent, and potentially great, professional level actors.

Read what one of LA's top Talent Manager has to say about William and the WBS Acting Academy.

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